Research and Consulting
Sl. No. Research & Consultancy projects   Status
1 Feasibility and Opportunity Survey of Tibetan Cooperatives   Completed
  2 Impact Study and Comparative Study of KMF Project   Completed
  3 Evaluation of the Enrolment of the Members belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to various Cooperative Societies through the Karnataka Government Financial Aid Programme   Completed
  4 Evaluation Study Project of Tribal Sub-plan at Chitradurga   Completed
  5 Evaluation of the Lead Non-governmental Organizations appointed by the KSBDB for the promotion of Bio-Fuels in the state of Karnataka   Completed
Evaluation Study of CAD Programme under CADA, Bhadra Reservoir Project, Shimoga
 7  Evaluation Study of Performance of Silk Reelers' Cooperatives in Karnaraka - A  Diagnostic Study    In progress



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